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Principles of Management(summary)

  Principles of Management   Summary: Managers and you in the workplace.  who are managers and where do they work?   Who are Manager? Someone who coordinates and overseas the work of others so organizational goals can be achieved.   Classification of Managers (i)First Line Manager(Front line): Managers at the lowest level of management who manage the work of Non managerial employees.   (ii) Middle Manager: Managers between the lowest level and top level of organization who manage the work of first line managers.   (iii) Top Managers: Managers who are responsible for making organization wide decision and establishing the goals and plans that affect the entire organization.   2. Where do Managers Work? They work in organization.   Organization: A deliberate arrangement of people to accomplish come specific purpose. Common Characteristics of Organization: (i)Distinct people. (ii)Composed of People. (iii)Deliberate people. (iv) Flexible

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